What is a "Fixed Index Annuity" ?

Fixed-indexed annuities are an efficient way to bring some clarity to retirement and create another certainty–income for life. Annuities aren’t a new concept, but they’ve gotten a bad rap over the years.  The ability to gain a steady income stream is desired, but based on the LIMRA Secure Retirement Institute Survey, “the idea of annuitizing and turning it over to the insurance company was problematic in the sense that a lot of folks just didn’t like giving up control.”

Have no fear, the GLIR is here! The Guaranteed Lifetime Income Rider (GLIR), from many insurance companies, converts your premiums into income for life while leaving you in control of your money.  The GLIR is giving you the ability to create a guaranteed stream of income that you cannot outlive.

The GLIR provides a Guaranteed Withdrawal Payment without requiring you to annuitize your annuity, providing income for life while still allowing the annuitant to maintain complete control of their account value! By adding an annuity that will provide you with a guaranteed stream of income for life, you are building a strong foundation for your retirement portfolio–a foundation that lasts.

Why you may consider "Annuity"

Avoid the mututal fund tax trap

There's no reason to pay taxes on money that you don't plan on spending.  A majority of mutual funds turnover is 80%+ of the portfolio annually, therefore crating a lot of taxable short-term capital gains.  Annuity tax-deferred growth may boost your overall performance.


Receive a lifetime income

If you have a goal to maintain an income stream, then we can provide choices. We will shop for compaies that offer riders to match when you estimate you may trigger the income benefit...

For example, one large insurance company offers a 10% rollup for a limited 7 yrs while another provides 6% for 10-20 years.  You may pick a joint spousal income or single for a higher percentage.  This income rider expense is near one percent per year.


Upfront Bonus

Numerous carriers create an incentive for the initial investment with the agreement to stay with the annuity for the staed duration.


SPIA (Single Premium Immediate Annuity) for future income

This annuity guaranteed future income that offers an opportunity to create your own pension-like retirement.  The owner makes an initial premium payment and sets an income start date in the future, and then receives guaranteed income payment for life.


Your annuity picks up where your 401k left off

If you are a saver and have fulfilled the max 401k, then the annuity is the most tax-efficient vehicle for additional deposits.  Complement your qualified asset allocation model and a nonqualified fixed annuity interest rate for the downside protection.



Are you afraid of renewing a CD and locking in a new long-term duration to achieve a reasonable rate?  Consider the annuity that provides choices such as 10% liquidity without penalty after year one.  You can have access to your funds and withdraw on a predictable, gradual basis to spread out the taxable gains.


Rates, rates, rates

Bank savings accounts, money markets and credit unions all represent critical parking places for emergency funds and cash.  The annuity will provide numerous ideas for better rates, such as the multiyear guarantee, fixed index with potential to achieve higher performance, or a variety of traditional fixed accounts to keep pace with inflation.


These above annuity strategies will help you accumulate assets for supplemental retirement income and provide you a lifetime income.


Our Advisors will be delighted to share your lifetime income guaranteed calculations with you when we schedule your private meeting.

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