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In today's society, we have to not only protect our love ones, but more importantly we need to protect ourselves first...


Quality of Life insurance is an insurance policy that you don't have to die to use...meaning you can actually use portions of your life insurance for critical illness such as stroke, heart attack, cancer, etc. and even for chronic illness needing some level of long term care.



•生前萬全保 - 人壽保險,你不必等到沒有生命...

•保證萬能壽險 保證付費年期,并100%完全健康領取保額。

•指數萬能壽險 - 現金價值快速增長,市場的上升潛力和下行保護,讓您的退休收入始終向上。

•保費隨時退回 - 7倍長期護理,全部退回所有支付保費。







Our Client's Success Story 客戶見證

Mr. Wang purchased $100,000 Quality of Life insurance from our Agency in 2007.

2009, he was diagnosed with early stage of liver cancer

2010 he had consulted us and filed for living benefit claim with AGLA 

2011 after 2 months of claim filing, he received payment of $90,577 as he had accelerated his life insurance while still living...this is 91% successfully paid by AGLA

With this claim payment, Mr. Wang wanted to enjoy his remaining time left with his family and this was the only insurance policy that allowed for such financial freedom...

We can assure you such a high payout claim can only be achieved with our expertise & experience when seeking maximum benefits for our clients.



—     王生2007年6月購買10萬美元萬全保

—       2009年被診斷患上早期肝癌

—       2010年12月向美國人壽保險公司索賠萬全保

—       2011年2月獲賠免稅現金$90,577,生前賠償率高達91%


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