Medicare Supplement vs. Medicare Advantage plan choices

Medicare Advantage are HMO plans with network access

Medicare Supplement are PPO plans with broader nationwide access

Please join our Medicare Open Enrollment webinars to learn all the 2021 plan selections in the SF Bay Area.
請參加我們的Medicare webinar,以了解SF灣地區所有2021年計劃的選擇。

As you plan for your retirement, Social Security is also an important consideration when is the optimum age to file & claim your benefit...webinars coming soon
在您計劃退休時,何時申請和申領您的社會保障金最佳年齡, 是一個重要的考慮因素...

Medicare has never been intended to be a cover all benefit.  Upon your eligibility with Medicare Part A and enrolling into Part B, you are highly recommended to consult with our Advisors on choosing the right supplemental plan.


Due to the complexity of different level of benefits and number of options to select, we host monthly seminars in our Bay Area offices.  We will teach you Medicare basics, What you should know, How to select the right plan, and Help you enroll into your plan (no charge whatsoever)... sign up today! 

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Medicare Annual Enrollment 

Social Security & Retirement Planning 

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