Bank Match Tax Free Income Plan

Learn more on 3X Bank Match funding into your own retirement strategy with ultimate 8X~10X tax free income along with protection on Long Term Care, Critical Illness, and Life Insurance 

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【生活百分百】保險理財專家趙世文詳解頂級退休理財組合:              8 倍收益 終身免稅收入 兼獲萬全寶

Guaranteed Paycheck (8.5% vs 1.7%)

Learn how to create your own "Guaranteed Paycheck" (保證退休收入1.7%如何等於8.5%) with complete analysis on 8.5% investment portfolio return vs. 1.7% index return in that both yeild same level of income growth.  This means you don't need to take on higher risk without principle protection.  With steady growth along with Bonus features, your income growth potential will be exponentially rewarding.  (CC in English)

Sequence of Return & Index Lock

You will learn what Sequence of Return means to your investment portfolio and how it can affect how long your money may last in your retirement.  While no one can try to time the stock market when it comes to investing, this serves as a reminder to limit/eliminate your investment's downside risk and diversify with Index Annuity to guarantee your lifetime income. Index Lock is also an important tool to have in your investment that you can capture the highest possible return and lock in that credit before the market drops...especially during volatile economic uncertainty time.  (CC in English)

Your $100k or $1M on 3/30/2020 vs. 6/30/2020

Learn how your $100k or $1M investment portfolio valuation with S&P 500 vs various professionally managed portfolio with specific risk allocation designs to enhance the performance during 3/30/2020 compared to 6/30/2020   (CC - view English subtitle)

Retiree's 6 Key Concerns Need Advisors Professional Help With

As your "Advisor for Life" we pride our advisor team with experience & expertise in addressing all 6 key concerns to ensure you a stress free retirement plan with desired strategies.  These 6 Key Concerns are: 1. Market Risk  2. Income Strategy  3. Minimize Tax  4. Long Term Care  5. Social Security (CC - view English) 

We would love to share with you all the above strategies to improve your retirement success so you can enjoy stress free retirement years...

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